Stonecrest Managers is an independent alternative investment firm focused on managing several private money,
mortgage and real estate acquisition funds. A branch of Stonecrest Financial, a leading real estate brokerage
company serving the California market since 1986, Stonecrest prides itself on a well-seasoned management team with
each key member having over 2 decades of experience. Their success of staying ahead of market conditions by
developing a niche within the alternative investment community has made Stonecrest the number 1 choice for
investors who want to depend on safety, transparency, and dependable income.

Stonecrest Funds

Private Capital Fund - (currently not accepting investments) for California investors only. is a mortgage fund secured by California real estate.
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Stonecrest Secured Income Fund - II, LLC - for accredited investors only, is a mortgage fund secured primarily by California real estate.
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Stonecrest manages funds for investors who are looking to ensure capital preservation, minimize credit risk and diversify their portfolio. Many investors are looking for a secure income stream with diversification and a higher yield than what is currently being offered in the traditional marketplace.

Mortgage pool investments with Stonecrest are private placement offerings that are available to investors who meet certain suitability requirements. Individuals including those with a self-directed IRA or other retirement arrangements, trusts and corporations invest in Stonecrest Managers family of funds to achieve above average yields. The funds in a private placement offering are pooled into the specific fund that the investor selects. Stonecrest only manages secured real estate related funds.

Staying ahead of the mortgage meltdown, the banking industry, and the economy Stonecrest has continued to provide steady returns for its investors. With proven underwriting guidelines in our lending funds and our extensive sources for acquisition of discounted bulk property in our REO (real estate owned) fund, we have been able to achieve the consistent returns and preservation of capital that investors have come to expect from Stonecrest.

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Safety - Diversity - Higher Than Average Returns

Acquisition of Funds

With our recent experience acquiring the Coast Capital Income Fund, and our ability to bring that fund back from potential bankruptcy, we continue to seek other fund companies who are faced with similar circumstances. Stonecrest Managers has developed a specialized team of professionals to assist specifically with acquisition. We provide the turn-key solution so the investors get to see results towards stabilization or liquidation.